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VETROMASTER 700 Series HVLS fans are distinguished by large (the diameter of the blades varies from 2.8 to 7 meters) and high power. 700 Series fans are ideal for installation in large premises with high ceilings.

VETROMASTER 700 Series HVLS fans can be applied in the following spheres:

  • agriculture;
  • manufacturing;
  • storage facilities and distribution centers;
  • engineering;
  • shopping malls and supermarkets;
  • gyms, movie theatres, swimming pools;
  • restaurants and entertainment facilities;
  • outdoor areas, verandas.

Industrial VETROMASTER 700 Series HVLS fans create and maintain the same climate conditions throughout the area and height of the room.

They form a powerful directed column of air that breaks through the layers of air to the floor, even at a ceiling height of over 10 meters. It creates the necessary climate at all levels of the room, constant temperature and humidity. Fresh air is evenly supplied.


warranty for VETROMASTER 700 Series HVLS fans

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Features of VETROMASTER 700 Series HVLS fans:

  1. Durable body made of galvanized steel
  2. Powerful NORD motor (Germany).
  3. Special winglets to form a directed flow..
  4. The blades are designed taking into account the data of aerodynamic research.
  5. Additional security systems.

We will help you to choose the optimal size of the fan based on the area and height of the ceiling.

Area, m Height, m
5 7 10 15
10х10 2,5 2,8 3 3,5
15Х15 2,8 3 3,5 4
20х20 2,8 3,5 4 4,5
25х25 3,5 4 4,5 5
30х30 4,5 5 6 6
40х40 6 7 7 7

We calculate the cost of a VETROMASTER 700 Series HVLS fan within 3 hours.

Большие потолочные вентиляторы
Большие потолочные вентиляторы
Большие потолочные вентиляторы
Большие потолочные вентиляторы