VETROMASTER HVLS fans for trade organizations

There is a direct relationship between convenience of the store and consumer activity.

Consumers prefer to choose shopping malls where you can not only go shopping, but also relax with the whole family. That is why it is most important to maintain a favorable climate and continuous ventilation.

Necessary in public gathering places

A comfortable environment inside the mall is more cost-effective. The better the visitor will feel, the longer he or she will stay in the shopping mall and the more purchases will make. It has already become an axiom.

What is the proper ventilation in the trading hall?

  • healthy atmosphere for staff and customers,
  • clean air without dust and allergens,
  • the lack of moisture, stale air and noxious fumes,
  • сfresh products.

VETROMASTER HVLS fans are indispensable where constant climate control is required. In shopping malls, they solve the massive problem of uneven distribution of air and temperature changes.

Balance temperature condition

It is difficult to maintain even temperature in shopping malls. Air conditioners in large and medium-sized rooms, where the ceiling height exceeds 6 meters, cool the air unevenly. It is especially difficult in summer: a red-hot roof heats up the air under the ceiling even more, increasing the overall temperature inside the building.


VETROMASTER HVLS fans distribute warm air 40% more efficiently!

Большие потолочные вентиляторы

Fan in a trade area in the Danilovsky market, Moscow

VETROMASTER HVLS fans help the centralized system to cope with any temperature differences. Therefore, they are equipped with a built-in electric motor and blades that create air flow and mix the entire volume of air. Thus, the temperature and humidity level throughout the area and height of the room.

VETROMASTER solves three problems in the ventilation system:

  1. Irrational use of heated or cooled air.
  2. The difficulties of achieving a comfortable climate.
  3. The feeling of stale air.

Contribute to greater attendance

Everyone is familiar with the situation when due to the air conditioner some areas are too cold, and others are too warm. A particular problem is the microclimate in children’s play areas. Due to the high humidity and stagnant air, children are more likely to become infected with respiratory diseases.

A VETROMASTER HVLS an helps to correct the situation. The constant circulation prevents air stagnation and the appearance of mold and dampness. Distributed air moves at low speed and does not cause overcooling.

HVLS fan helps to create a comfortable microclimate for employees and consumers

A pleasant microclimate, which is maintained owing to VETROMASTER HVLS fans, disposes to a long stay and additional shopping in the mall.

Maintain a favorable microclimate

According to sanitary requirements, fresh air is supplied to the commercial premises according to the following standard:

  • per customer — from 20 m³ per hour;
  • per employee — from 60 m³ per hour.

The norm is higher for employees of the trade enterprise. This is due to the fact that they are in an artificially created microclimate longer than visitors. The optimal air parameters in the premises with permanent stay of people should comply with requirements of GOST 30494-2011 «Residential and public buildings»:

  • temperature 23-25 degrees,
  • humidity 30-60%,
  • air velocity 0.15 m/s.

If you do not comply with these requirements for air circulation and temperature conditions, the staff will often get sick and change, and visitors will leave faster.

VETROMASTER HVLS fans support comfortable conditions that meet sanitary standards:

  • evenly distribute the air in the rooms,
  • provide high-quality air exchange.

SNiP 2.04.05-91

VETROMASTER ensures compliance with the standards

Reduce maintenance costs

Owing to VETROMASTER HVLS fans the need for intensive air conditioning and heating disappears. Constant circulation does not allow the air to stagnate and at the same time prevents the appearance of mold and dampness. This has a positive effect on the health of people and the safety of goods.

Up to 30%

VETROMASTER HVLS fans save up to 30% of electricity!

Большие потолочные вентиляторы

HVLS fan in the shopping mall

Purchase and operation of an HVLS fan will cost several times cheaper than air conditioning. It can be used separately or as an addition to the air conditioning system. Power consumption of the VETROMASTER fan is low: only 750-1500 watt. Approximately the same amount of energy is consumed by a kettle or a stove.

In addition, an HVLS fan is suitable for those areas where it is impossible to install air conditioning. For example, in open spaces or when there is a risk of overcooling.

Safe and durable

VETROMASTER HVLS fans work smoothly and quietly. Their design is as safe as possible: reinforced mount of the blades and the area of fixation of the motor.

All VETROMASTER models are suitable for any commercial organizations. They can be installed in galleries and premises of shopping malls, play areas, food courts and supermarkets.

Honest warranty

We provide a 10-year warranty for VETROMASTER HVLS fans to trading, entertainment and public enterprises.

Delivery time — from 3 days.
Installation time — 6 hours.


To find out the cost of an HVLS fan and installation, fill out the required form.

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