HVLS fans for manufacturing

How VETROMASTER HVLS fans help to save money on operation of the enterprise

You can not do without air of good quality at the enterprises. But because of high ceilings, spacious areas and workloads, everyone faces the same ventilation problems. As a result, there are temperature changes, the speed of air distribution slows down, dust and mold appear. VETROMASTER HVLS fans will help to cope with these issues.

Balance the temperature throughout the room

Climate control systems can not provide the same temperature over the entire area and height of the enterprise. The difference is more noticeable in winter and summer, when the inside of the premises becomes either too stuffy or too cold.

In order to achieve more comfortable conditions, the best solution is air destruction or elimination of different layers with the help of industrial fan.


VETROMASTER HVLS distribute warm and cool air 50% more efficiently!

Большие потолочные вентиляторы

HVLS fan is ideal for installation in spacious areas with high ceilings

VETROMASTER HVLS fans help supply-and-exhaust system to cope with any differences. They are characterized by high power and are designed for rooms with ceiling height from 5 to 15 m. The built-in electric motor and balanced blades form a strong air column that can break through and mix all the air layers.

Thus, the air moves freely around the perimeter: from the ceiling to the floor, from wall to wall. And the temperature is balanced at all levels of the room.

Создают приток чистого и свежего воздуха

VETROMASTER HVLS fans are particularly necessary in industries with high requirements to air exchange, because the following parameters depend on proper ventilation of industrial  sites:

  • working conditions of employees,
  • the serviceability of the equipment,
  • strength and reliability of the building.

Due to the heating of the equipment, the need for continuous air exchange increases. The lack of clean air in the production shops and premises causes various occupational diseases. In such conditions, employees often complain of sickness and take sick leave.

Industrial fan helps to evenly supply the room with fresh air and distribute it to the workplace. Due to the fact that the air moves at low speed, it does not cause hypothermia.
In addition, VETROMASTER fan is suitable for rooms with high operating temperatures and concentration of hazardous substances. HVLS fans direct the polluted air flow along its natural trajectory, thereby removing dust, eliminating the appearance of mold. So you can create a safe and healthy environment for yourself and your employees.

Maintain pleasant microclimate 

A stable microclimate (air and surface temperature, humidity and air speed) is critical to productivity. For example, when the indoor temperature rises above 25 degrees, the efficiency of staff is reduced.

According to sanitary standards, the air consumption for the safe operation of one person is:

  • 30 m³/h for ventilated premises,
  • 60 m³/h for non-ventilated premises.

The performance of HVLS fans is 250 000 — 540 000 m³ per hour. Depending on the model, one VETROMASTER industrial fan is able to maintain a uniform temperature and humidity in the area of 650-1500 square meters. It makes it easier to adjust the amount and strength of the incoming air flow, thereby increasing comfort.


VETROMASTER HVLS fans meet hygienic standards

Большие потолочные вентиляторы

HVLS fan is ideal for installation in spacious areas with high ceilings

Prevent dust and mold

Humidity in the room depends on the intensity of ventilation. The better ventilation works, the lower the humidity level.
Humidity indoors always promotes growth of microorganisms like mold and bacteria. It also causes damage to products, equipment and the building itself. It is calculated that 75-80% of the problems with the supporting structures in varying degrees is related to high humidity.

An HVLS fan minimizes these problems. It stimulates constant air circulation and prevents condensation.

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Help to save money on electricity

Cooling and heating of large industrial premises is a significant, tangible item of expenditure. To process so much air in accordance with hygienic requirements, a significant budget for electricity and climate equipment is needed.

Installation of HVLS fans helps to reduce the cost of operation of cooling and heating systems. An HVLS fan requires much less power to operate. VETROMASTER fan power is comparable to an electric kettle, the power of which is only 1500 watt.

By creating a large amount of airflow, VETROMASTER industrial fans not only control temperature and humidity, but also save heat in cold months. As a result, there is no need for intensive air conditioning and heating.

Up to 40%

HVLS fan helps to reduce energy consumption by 40%!

Safe and durable

VETROMASTER 700 Series HVLS fans are suitable for any industry. They are simple and safe to use. They are easy to install and maintain. There are three installation options: column, suspension or mounting frame.

The body has a multi-level protection system, and additional cables securely fix the mount of the motor and blades.

Большие потолочные вентиляторы

The fan is securely fastened and is equipped with safety systems and cables

10-year warranty

We provide a 10-year warranty for VETROMASTER HVLS fans and the entire automation to all manufacturing enterprises.

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