HVLS fans for fitness centers

When training, athletes experience increased stress on the body. Constant flow of fresh air, a comfortable level of humidity and temperature are important for productive and enjoyable activities.

Fitness centers have higher requirements for ventilation than the living quarters. The living room needs hourly ventilation, while in the gym, the air should be filtered every 10 minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to organize a powerful ventilation system with regular supply of fresh air into the room.

VETROMASTER HVLS fans are perfect for installation in fitness clubs, sports facilities and dance studios.

Every 10 minutes

Air in the gym is filtered every 10 minutes

Create a constant flow of fresh air

During sports people breathe more often and take deep breaths. When several athletes train simultaneously in one room carbon dioxide, unpleasant smells and pathogenic microorganisms accumulate in the air. The open window and ventilation do not work properly and create new problems such as draft and overcooling of the body.

HVLS fans for sports clubs

Traditional split systems cool and heat the air locally. Therefore, some areas in the hall are too cold, and others are too hot. As a result, training is not comfortable. If the fitness club is not working to improve ventilation, consumers leave.

It is easy to improve the air conditioning system. Just install an HVLS fan.

HVLS fans disperse the air around the perimeter of the room and mix it evenly. VETROMASTER HVLS fans create a constant flow of fresh air.

Help to save on air conditioning

Fitness halls are constantly air-conditioned and are equipped with split systems. Power consumption for cooling the room in the off-season increases at least twice.

HVLS fans can significantly reduce energy costs. At maximum power, they consume less energy than a stationary computer, from 0.75 to 1.5 kW.

Up to 40%

VETROMASTER HVLS fans help to reduce energy consumption by 40%

Comparison of electricity costs for heating and ventilation

The flow rate and rotation speed are adjusted on the control unit or by remote control. Depending on the task, create a smooth flow or a powerful intense air column.

In combination with the traditional cooling systems, VETROMASTER HVLS fans allow you to save up to 40% of electricity!

Balance the temperature from floor to ceiling

The temperature in the gym should not exceed +18°C, in the locker rooms and bathrooms to +22°C.

A split system typically pumps air flow at its location, so the cooled air is mixed with the warm one unevenly.

Drafts are contraindicated for a sweaty person, and stuffiness can cause shortness of breath and fainting.

An HVLS fan helps to balance the temperature and humidity from ceiling to floor around the perimeter of the room. It is possible owing to the blades with a diameter of up to 5 meters. The blades are equipped with special winglets that create a powerful directed air column.


is the optimal temperature for physical activity in the gym

The hall is constantly supplied with fresh air and creates a light breeze, it is pleasant to work out even in the summer heat

No unpleasant smell, dampness and mold

High humidity and stagnant air lead to the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and mold on sports equipment, furniture and room decoration. This increases the risk of disease transmission and reduces the service life of the equipment.

VETROMASTER HVLS fans disperse the air and provide a constant filtration of oxygen-saturated air. For disinfection and prevention, it is enough to follow simple rules of the room hygiene: wipe the equipment with dry cloth and treat the surface with an antiseptic.

Low noise level

In fitness clubs, it is important to maintain low noise levels of up to 55 dB. Especially if the room is adjacent to residential or commercial areas.

Usually the noise level is exceeded: loud music, talking customers, rattling training equipment. Adding another sound source is undesirable.

VETROMASTER HVLS fans operate almost quietly. At maximum power, the noise level is less than 26 dB. This is lower than the noise from a running laptop.

Safe and eco-friendly

An HVLS fan is mounted on the ceiling or column. If the possibility for installation is not provided, we make a special mounting frame, which does not occupy useful space.

The blades are fixed to the base with bolts made of hardened steel. They are securely fixed and additionally equipped with safety cables.

VETROMASTER HVLS fans are made of durable, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, absolutely harmless materials that do not emit unpleasant odors.

Большие потолочные вентиляторы

Catalog of HVLS fan models for fitness clubs

Unique design

VETROMASTER HVLS fans will become a part of the interior and fit into any room design.

For example, you can install an HVLS fan, the blades of which are made in the form of surfboards or skateboards. It is easy to apply photo printing on the blades or even paint them.

10-year warranty

We provide a 10-year warranty for VETROMASTER HVLS fans. It extends to the blades and all the automation.

Order the cost calculation of a VETROMASTER HVLS fan for your sports complex.

To get the calculation just specify the height of the ceiling and the area of the room. We will prepare an offer for your company within three hours.