We have known each other for a long time and know what you need!

17 years

we work with domestic enterprises


projects in this period we implemented

67 employees

work in our team to maintain the ideal climate at your facility

1 mln kW

of energy is saved at our customers’ facilities

Большие потолочные вентиляторы

The brand VETROMASTER is one of the directions of an experienced team.

We are a division of Technodor LLC, the leader of the Russian market in the production of industrial equipment (Dynaco high-speed gate). For 17 years of work with domestic enterprises of various types (from supermarkets of the «Next to the house» format to the largest production and distribution centers in the Russian Federation) we fully understand their features.

We visited more than a hundred companies and noticed that ventilation organized in the traditional way often does not operate as it is necessary. The required temperature and humidity are really difficult to maintain. Cooling systems often work non-stop, and heat-intensive equipment quickly heats the room. As a result, we get a high, uncomfortable air temperature in the working area. That means tired workers, frequent sick leave and huge electricity bills.

The next common problem is very humid air in the product storage room. Exhaust ventilation works, but the system of racks is organized in such way that there are areas where fruit and vegetables can not stand stagnant humidity. The air does not move, and the products deteriorate, and this is a great loss!

A separate section should be devoted to ventilation in agriculture. Just follow the link on our website.

As a result, we were convinced that the correct parameters of humidity and temperature of air, as well as its mobility are important for human and animal health, preservation of goods and production processes.

We started looking for the best solution all over the world and found it! HVLS fans deal with all issues related to improper air movement. And in a competent combination with traditional cooling systems they have a significant effect on energy saving, up to 60 %!

By investing all the experience, developments of engineers from all over the world, our own improvements and reliable materials from the local market in them, we were able to keep convenient prices.

We have our own service department. We professionally install and maintain HVLS fans of all manufacturers.