for agricultural enterprises

VETROMASTER HVLS fans are applied in agriculture: in the cowsheds, pigsties, stalls for young cattle, milking parlors and hen houses.

For the health and productivity of animals, it is important to balance the temperature throughout the height of the room, create an optimal microclimate, control the level of humidity and eliminate drafts.

HVLS fans perfectly cope with each of these tasks, allow to maintain the health and productivity of animals, personnel, and hence the profitability of the business.

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Create optimum temperature, humidity and low noise level for animal housing

To increase the productivity of animals, it is important to create and maintain an optimal indoor climate.

It is quite difficult to achieve perfect conditions without an HVLS fan. In the off-season, humidity and temperature are unstable; excessively hot or cold zones are formed in the premises. As a result, animals catch cold or overheat, get sick and become less productive.

ETROMASTER HVLS fans at the agricultural exhibition «Stars of the Moscow Region 2018»

An HVLS fan helps to balance the temperature and humidity around the perimeter and the entire height of the room. It complements the traditional ventilation system or split system. Large blades disperse the air mass and the air temperature and humidity from floor to ceiling becomes the same.

In rooms equipped with HVLS fans animals do not experience stress in any external weather and pressure difference, do not suffer from heat, cold, drafts and lack of oxygen. Accordingly, animals less frequently get sick, are more productive and have stable psychophysical condition.

Animals are not afraid of the sound of the blades, because VETROMASTER HVLS fans operate quietly. Noise level of the fan is within <48 dBA, which equals the noise of the running computer.

<48 dBa

Noise level of the fan equals the noise of the running computer

HVLS fan application in the cowshed

Help to save money on electricity 

HVLS fans are ideal for spacious areas. They consume only 15% of energy, compared to circulating analogues.

VETROMASTER HVLS fans operate smoothly and constantly. The rotation speed is adjusted on the control unit. Depending on the task, you can create a smooth flow or a powerful and intense air column.

The diameter of VETROMASTER HVLS fans varies from 3 to 7 meters. Power consumption is extremely low, from 0.75 to 1.5 kW. Approximately the same amount of energy is consumed by the coffee machine or an electric stove.

In combination with traditional cooling systems, VETROMASTER HVLS fans can help to save up to 40% of electricity!


VETROMASTER HVLS fans save 40% of electricity

Prevent the appearance of mold and dampness

In an enclosed space inhabited by animals, it is important to avoid increased humidity and mold formation. Mold is also dangerous to employees of the farm. Moreover, it destroys construction and finishing materials, reduces the service life of the premises, making it unsuitable for poultry and animals.


  • control the optimal humidity,
  • provide fresh air to the entire perimeter,
  • prevent condensation,
  • eliminate stagnant air zones.
Большие потолочные вентиляторы

Safe for animals and personnel

VETROMASTER HVLS fans are durable and safe. They are suspended directly from the ceiling. If the possibility of mounting is not provided, we will produce a mounting frame or install the fan on the column up to 6 meters high.

The blades are fixed to the base with bolts made of hardened steel. They are securely fixed and additionally equipped with safety cables.

VETROMASTER HVLS fan models for agricultural enterprises

10-year warranty

We provide a 10-year warranty for all VETROMASTER HVLS fans.

Order cost calculation of a VETROMASTER HVLS fan for your company! Specify the ceiling height and the area of the room for correct calculation.