Why do you need an HVLS fan

An HVLS fan is mounted on the ceiling and mixes the air, cooling the room. It can operate in 2 modes, winter and summer.

To create a pleasant climate in public and industrial buildings air conditioning systems are usually installed. But this option is quite expensive, environmentally harmful, difficult to install and maintain. Therefore, a profitable alternative to air conditioners are HVLS fans.

Main spheres of application

Advantages of HVLS fans

1. The cost of buying fans and their maintenance is much lower than the cost of air conditioning. This allows to reduce the cost of production.

2. Provides comfortable working conditions for staff and visitors. It leads to the increase of flow of customers and decrease of employee turnover.

3. It allows to maintain the optimum temperature for food.

4. Even powerful fan models consume several times less power than similar equipment.

5. Easy installation — there is no need to use complex mechanisms, as in the case of climate equipment.

6. At production facilities, HVLS fans balance the temperature in the room. Thus, it is possible to reduce heating costs and create identical storage conditions for all racks with products.

Stuffiness, mold, unpleasant odors and dampness

are the most common problems of still air

The geometry, position and size of the blades of the HVLS fan are designed to mix the maximum amount of air in the room. Such fan significantly increases the efficiency of traditional ventilation, air conditioning and other climate systems.

Types of HVLS fans

Industrial fans are used to cool premises in factories, supermarkets and shopping malls, institutions with a large number of working personnel. Externally, they look like standard ones, but have a very high power and are larger in size.

Household ones cool the air in residential premises. They are distinguished by aesthetics and wide functionality. Depending on the elements of the body and the shape of the blades, the power of such models can vary significantly. They are especially popular in areas where there are many people. In such places, doors are opened frequently, and then the air conditioner cools the air, while the household fan will cool the human body.

Universal fans can be installed anywhere, they are equally effective in summer and winter. They are characterized by wide functionality and high power. They operate almost silently and are resistant to environmental impact due to high quality coating.

Outdoor fans are also resistant to UV rays, wind and temperature changes, equipped with protection against water penetration. They are commonly used on outdoor areas and verandas.

Energy-saving fans consume almost 50% less electricity than conventional ones. This is possible owing to the DC motor, which allows for high performance with minimal noise.